Gas Ancillary Services Pte Ltd, or GASPL for short was set up to identify opportunities in the clean energy transition. We believe that future clean energy will inevitably have gas components and our gas industry experience places us in a good position to contribute.


Hydrogen, being positioned as the ultimate clean fuel, is a gas we are familiar with as we are engaged by a gas major in Singapore for hydrogen cylinders testing.

We are also providing maintenance support on a production trial of green hydrogen in Singapore.

Hydrogen cylinder testing in Singapore

Biogas / Biomethane

Biogas / Biomethane is positioned as a key element in the clean energy portfolio mix in the future. We are exploring, in collaboration with industry partners, the sustainable production of biogas in Singapore.


We continue to contribute our experience in the marine and gas industry to Singapore’s green journey from now to 2050, where Singapore had pledged to become carbon neutral.

In anticipation that there will be a rise in carbon capture technology implemented on ships in the future, efficient offloading of the captured CO2 in the form of Liquefied CO2 (LCO2) will be important.

We are thus participating in Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation’s (GCMD) Industry Consultation and Alignment Panel (ICAP) to contribute to the concept study of LCO2 offloading from ships.

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