Non-Destructive Testing: Global Test/SBTT

Global Test (GT) and Secondary Barrier Tightness Test (SBTT) are specialised NDT designed to evaluate the integrity of Gaztranport & Technigaz (GTT) primary and secondary barriers of membrane containment systems.

GASPL is accredited by GTT, a world leader in containment systems for transport and storage of LNG to carry out the Global Test/SBTT. Such tests are done in accordance with GTT’s prescribed testing procedures on their cargo containment systems.

Acoustic Emission Testing (AET)

Acoustic Emission Testing is commonly used in various industries for monitoring the health of critical structures, such as pipelines, pressure vessels and aircraft components.

GASPL perform Global Acoustic Test and Local Acoustic Test in collaboration with our partner.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Visualisation

In collaboration with Ascenz Marorka, GASPL is the first Global Test/SBTT operator in the world to incorporate digitalisation, using datalogger and portal, that allows the user to monitor and visualise the sensor data in real time. The data includes graphs, maps and other visual representations that provide an overview of the monitored parameters remotely via the portal.  

In addition to the provision of datalogger and portal, our design also includes an alert system that can send notifications or trigger alarms based on predefined thresholds or abnormal sensor readings. This is to allow users to respond promptly to any critical situations or deviations from normal conditions.

Other Services